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business busover scope
  T.B.M (Tunnel Boring Machine)
Is a full face tunnelling machine which excavates a cutting face ahead with a thrust force frontward and a rotation of cutter head itself, without drill & blasting method etc.
Our company make a specialty of manufacturing supplying Cutter Assembly & Space Parts which are main components of T.B.M. and Shield Machine, and other construction equipment parts.
We are trying our best to give our customers a preference over others for our products excellent in quality being produced by our accumulated technology and through quality control, and those products are being designed to meet the request of our customers on the basis of keeping to the product of high intensity, excellent durability and less wear rate.
In addition, we have a Disc Ring newly developed and designed, which is widely recognized as a supirior one for any tunnel excavation confronthing a rough rock operation.
1. Designed just like R shape at the end point so as to protectcracking of Disc Ring and to reduce friction force and wear-rate.
2. Designed like Streamline shape for the sides of its main body and angle parts so as to discharge cutting and fragments of smashed rocks mixed with soil.
3. Quality of the product is excellentin intensity and wear-resistance as it was made of special tool steel of strong durability and friction-resistance.
4. Wear Marginal Line is such long that you can enjoy an immediate effect excellent durability and curtaiment of cost.